M.Sc. Meat Technology

2 Years

About The Course

The Master of Science in Meat Technology program provides specialized training to individuals who are interested in contributing to the growing need for expertise in meat and meat products.


The main objectives of the program are:

  • To provide the students in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge in relevant subjects;
  • To provide the students with real field experience through visits to the industries, business houses and farms;
  • To provide knowledge in research methodology, R&D project planning, quality assessment and industry/enterprise management.

Admission Criteria

The candidates who have already passed the following examinations from P. U. or any institute or university recognized by P. U. shall be considered eligible to apply for the M.Sc. courses.

B. Sc. (Agriculture, Animal Science, Food/Dairy Science, Biotechnology); B.V. Sc. & A.H.; B. Tech. (Food/ Dairy).

An applicant seeking admission needs to appear in the entrance examination conducted by P.U. Selection of the students for admission will be done on merit basis.

Fee Structure:

Admission Fee


Annual Charge (@ 64,000/year)


Tuition Fee (@ 5,000/month)


Research Facilitation





Above fee structure does not include University Fees (around 15,000 for 2 years), which are charged as and when university requests; and refundable deposit amounting Rs.12, 000.00

All the courses are taught in two academic years divided into 4 semesters.

The students will have to complete research-based dissertation at the end of the 4th semester.

The weight given to theory and practical classes in each course is 60 & 40 percent, respectively.

The students will have to undergo in-plant training for 3 months.

Summary of first-year courses

First Semester

Course code

Course Title

Credits (Th. + Pr.)

M 501 AS

Applied Statistics

2 + 1

M 502 IMFA

Instrumental Methods of Food Analysis

2 + 1

M 503

Food Chemistry

2 + 1

M 504

Basic Microbiology

2 + 1

M 505

Basic Principles of Engineering

3 + 1

M 506

Refrigeration Engineering

2 + 1


13 + 6 = 19

Second Semester

Course code

Course Title

Credits (Th. + Pr.)

M 507 RM

Research Methodology

2 + 1

M 508 EME

Environmental Management and Engineering

2 + 1

M 509 BAHN

Biochemistry & Human Nutrition

3 + 1

M 510 FPOM

Food Plant Organization & Management

2 + 1

M 511 TQM

TQM System management

2 + 1

M 512 PB

Process Biotechnology

2 + 1


13 + 6 = 19

Examination System

  • All students have to appear both in theory and practical examinations at the end of each semester.
  • Internal assessments for 20 percent marks in each subject is taken by HICAST as per rules and regulations of P.U., and the university takes final examination for the rest 80 per cent marks at the end of each semester.
  • Each student has to give a seminar in advance course and thesis research.

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