I feel honoured to represent the first batch of Veterinary Science at HICAST. I look back those days of my life at HICAST with pleasure. After working couple of years in poultry industry and with Rhesus monkeys, I got scholarship fromUniversity of Copenhagen (Denmark) to study MSc in Parasitology. During my MSc thesis, I worked with the molecular methods to study the development of antimalarial drug resistance in human malaria parasite.  Later, I got PhD fellowship in Animal Science from Aarhus University (Denmark).

During my career, I have had a number of roles as a veterinarian and researcher in different environments such as poultry farms, feed industry, research centres and universities. These experiences not only gave me different professional competences but also sharpened my ability to work and communicate with many different types of people, which I enjoy very much. I have no doubt that the degree from HICAST as a veterinarian is the starting point for success in my career. I, therefore, always feel proud to be a part of HICAST.




PhD in Animal Science (2012-2015)                                  

Department of Animal Science (Immunology & Microbiology)

Aarhus University, Denmark


Master of Science in Parasitology (2008-2010)                                                                                                 

Faculty of Life Sciences

University of Copenhagen, Denmark


Bachelor of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry (2001-2006)                                                                 

Himalayan College of Agricultural Sciences & Technology,

Purbanchal University, Nepal


Advance Course in Poultry Management (1999-2000)

Dr. B.V Rao Institute of Poultry Management & Technology,

Pune, India


Bachelor of Science in Botany (1996-1999)

Tri-Chandra Multiple Campus

Tribhuvan University, Nepal

Dr. Samir Ranjitkar, Ph.D.

Ph.D. in Animal Science

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