I am indebted and proud to be a veterinary graduate from HICAST; and successful flinch of my professional career as a veterinarian. I have completed Masters of Veterinary Science (M.V.Sc.) and currently working as a Deputy Director at Valley Group of Poultry Industries, a leading group of Nepal with ranges of sister business entities of poultry value chain sector; and also as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at HICAST.

Being an Executive Member and also worked as Executive Director at Nepal Poultry Federation; I am playing key roles in each of the poultry value chain activities, as the federation felt of increasing its cadre in national agricultural system through the development and promotion of technologies and approaches in the field of poultry value chain. I am also working as a Veterinary Consultant in different national and international organizations working towards agriculture and livestock sector and in yoke with the sundry of related stakeholders.I was also awarded couple of research grants to work on animal health issues in Nepal as Principal Researcher from Feed the Future – Livestock Innovation Lab, LCC CRSP, Colorado State University, USA(http://lcccrsp.org/2013/01/profiles-of-early-career-researchers-in-nepal/).

I have been very fortunate to be a part of HICAST family. With my experience, I am confident that those youths of the country willing to pursue their higher degree at HICAST in future will gain paramount independent habit, experiences and competencies; and can perform well beyond expectations in their job. I assure their perfect career and attainment of honest endeavor thereafter. HICAST is a benchmark institution towards the agriculture and veterinary education.



  • Mastersof Veterinary Science (M.V.Sc.), Veterinary Parasitology (2012-2014 A.D.)

Institute of Agriculture and Animal Sciences (IAAS)

Tribhuwan University, Nepal


  • Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry (B. V. Sc. & A. H.) (2005-2011 A.D.)

Himalayan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology (HICAST)

Purbanchal University, Nepal.

E-mail: rupendra1stan@gmail.com


Dr. Rupendra Chaulagain

Masters of Veterinary Science (M.V.Sc.)

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