I am one of the  students to join the HICAST in its first batch of B.Sc (Hons.) Ag. program started in 2000 A.D. The four years I spent at HICAST were very memorable and impressive for me. The teachings and education environment were really important in shaping my career.HICAST enhanced my further education and professional career by developing leadership and critical thinking skills that enabled me to attain my Master’s degree in Agricultural and Applied Economics at Texas Tech University, in the United States. It paved the way for me to begin my current career as an Economist with the U.S. government.

In addition to the solid educational foundation, I came across friendly, motivated, helpful, and dedicated people at HICAST. They are still among my best friends! I fondly recall its Founding Chairperson and Professor Dr. Binayak P. Rajbhandari, an innovative educator, thinker, and an excellent motivator.  I also recall the teachings and companionship of Dr. Poshendra Satyal, as one of the initiating and influencing faculty members, a nice mentor and a good friend, as well, I still remember dedicated contributions and helps from the library staff, especially Mr. Achal Shakya, and many other suporting staffs and my own classmates.


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Dipak Subedi, 


U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics

- Washington D.C. (202) 691-6453


Dipak Subedi

Master’s Degree in Agricultural and Applied Economics ( Texas Tech University, USA)

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